The annual road trip is one of the most classic rites of passage for many families. Whether it’s sightseeing across the United States or visiting relatives around the country, the journey is often more memorable than the final destination. With careful planning and organization, anyone can make this year’s summer road trip one for the memory books.


Research the Best Route and Plan Alternatives Just In Case

While most road trips usually start off without a hitch there are times when unexpected weather conditions, construction, or accidents may cause a change in plans. Make sure to have plenty of alternative routes handy in case of emergencies. It’s also a good idea to keep a physical map onboard if the navigation system malfunctions or there isn’t great reception along the route.


Bring Plenty of Snacks

There’s nothing worse than a car full of hungry, cranky kids. Before setting off on a family road trip visit the grocery store and have each child pick out one or two of their favorite snacks. Create a snack bag that’s filled with assorted goodies like peanut butter crackers, dry cereal, pre-sliced fruit, and beverages, and keep it in an area that’s easily accessible for everyone. Bringing a pre-packed snack bag will keep everyone happy and help avoid unnecessary detours to the drive-through.


Get Creative With OnBoard Entertainment

While a road trip is a fun way to get out and see the country there will be lulls in the trip that may lead to boredom and squabbling between siblings. While electronic devices, movies, and tablets are all acceptable options to bring along, consider adding some fun interactive car games to the mix. A game of “I Spy” or car bingo are great ways to pass the time and also reinforce listening and observational skills.


Avoid Fights Over the Radio

There’s a good chance there will be some disagreements on who gets to control the radio, especially if everyone has different tastes in music. Avoid petty arguments by allowing each passenger thirty minutes to pick what music to listen to. Not only does this ensure that everyone gets a turn, but this process can be repeated throughout the duration of the trip.