Summer is quickly approaching. It’s that season when Americans get to unwind, engage in outdoor activities, enjoy long days of sunshine, and meet their forgotten family friends. However, when choosing family summer getaways, it’s always challenging as one has to pay attention to the needs of everyone in the family. Therefore, this list contains top family destinations where every family member will feel engaged.


Winter Park, Colorado

As the name suggests, Winter Park is a top destination in winter. However, it’s also a great destination in summer. Noteworthy, this will be one of the best places where individuals can escape extreme heat in almost every part of the country. Families can enjoy climbing walls, gondola rides, ropes courses, and hiking. Besides the outdoor activities, kids have an opportunity to enjoy Colorado’s longest alpine slide.


Myrtle Beach, South California

For any successful summer holiday, visiting a top beach in the country should always be a priority. How about trying Myrtle Beach, South California? This beach has always been a top destination for most people around the country. At properties like The Breakers, families can enjoy a long lazy river, a sunken pirate ship, several on-property pools, and five water slides.


Washington, DC

Visiting the capital in summer might sound like an odd idea. Essentially, almost every other person is moving away from the busy city into relaxed and quiet places in the country. However, for kids’ sake, families need to have Washington, DC, on the list. This is more of an educational getaway than fun. Significant attractions will include the Library of Congress, the White House, and the National Air and Space Museum.


Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park has always been a great summer destination for adults. However, the rock formations, buffalo herds, and geysers might be magical to the kids. Families can approach this historic national park through Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. In addition, there are multiple nature trails that families can consider, especially those interested in hiking. Other essential features to enjoy at this park include Mammoth Hot Springs and Yellowstone Lake.


Everyone is constantly watching their calendars, waiting for the summer season to begin. First, however, it’s always critical to plan in advance for a seamless and memorable summer vacation. These summer getaways are affordable and meet the fundamental demands of an entire family where the needs of every member have been observed.