The U.S. has many stunning national parks that attract millions of visitors every year. For instance, in 2020, the National Park Service recorded more than 237 million visits across all parks. However, some parks receive more visitors than others. And when determining the best parks, numbers are always considered. Here are the best national parks to visit.


  1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina, and Tennessee
    The park crosses North Carolina and Tennessee and is famous for its impressive waterfalls, fog-covered mountains, and wildlife. It recorded the highest number of visits at 12.1 million. The park is visited more during autumn when its trees display orange, red, and gold foliage.


  1. Yellow National Park, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho
    This park is among those that offer the best experience to its visitors. Its visits stand at 3.8 million. It comprises Mammoth Hot Springs, Grand Prismatic Spring, lakes, Old Faithful geyser, wildlife, and waterfalls that attract visitors all year long.


  1. Zion National Park, Utah
    Despite Utah hosting many other national parks, Zion National Park tops the list. It has received 3.6 million visits. It is endowed with dramatic cliffs and canyons that shape its landscape quite well. Besides, it is excellent for biking, hiking, birding, and climbing.


  1. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
    Rocky Mountain National Park covers 425 mountainous square miles. Its 3.3 million visits make it the fourth most visited park in the U.S. It has myriad wildlife such as moose and elk, and several hiking trails.

    Also, it has scenic drives for visitors who would not wish to leave their cars behind when visiting the park.


  1. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
    Like Rocky Mountain, this park has also recorded 3.3 million visitors. Its mountains are great for hiking and mountaineering. It also has alpine lakes where visitors can fish and go boating. And lastly, it has myriad wildlife, including moose, elk, bison, and beavers. Visitors are always cautioned not to get too close.


  1. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
    There is no doubt that this is among the best parks in the country. The sights here are breathtaking, and there are also several activities visitors can engage in, including hiking on the canyon’s walls and rafting. It has received 2.9 million visitors.