In Madrid and Barcelona, you’ll find world-class museums, world-class airports, and famous restaurants that will serve food until the wee hours of the night. These destinations have drawn in large crowds over the past few decades, but they are not all that Spain has to offer. From the white towns of Andalusia to the sandy beaches of the Costa Brava, Spain has a wide range of beautiful hidden places that are worth exploring. 

Burgos, Spain

In the northern Spanish cities of Castile and Leon, you’ll find some of the best local attractions, such as the cathedral. This Gothic-style building is the only one in Spain that’s been recognized as a World Heritage Site.

The tomb of Spain’s national hero, El Cid, is also located in this city. He was so popular that Charlton Heston was able to play him in 1961. You can also find him in the area known as the Paseo de Marceliano Santa Maria. This is a popular riverside walk that’s frequented by locals and visitors. If you’re craving blood sausage, try eating at one of the many restaurants in this region that produce this type of dish.

Ronda, Spain

One of the most spectacularly beautiful small towns in the world is the town of Ronda, which is built on a cliff overlooking the Tajo Canyon. It has Roman bridges and is known for its laid-back lifestyle. If you’re planning on visiting the southern region of Andalusia, you’ll likely get a good sense of its culture through the cities of Seville or Cordoba. But by visiting the smaller towns and cities like Ronda, you’ll be able to get a deeper understanding of the region’s culture.

Salamanca, Spain

Everybody loves a college town, and there’s no better place than the University of Salamanca. This university town has been known for its college nightlife. The city’s student population and its low prices are some of the reasons why it’s known for its vibrant nightlife. This city also has other great attractions, such as the Plaza Mayor and the cathedral. If you’re a doll lover, head over to one of the museums in the city that’s dedicated to collecting art deco and porcelain dolls.

San Sebastian, Spain

Most Americans associate Spanish beaches with the Mediterranean waves found in the Costa del Sol or the beaches of Barcelona. However, there are actually some of the best beaches in the country that are located in the Bay of Biscay. One of the most popular beaches in San Sebastian is the La Concha beach. The city’s temperate climate and the variety of green vegetation around it make for a great environment for relaxing. In addition to the beach, you’ll also find plenty of bars and restaurants that serve great food.