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Southern California real estate agent, Nick Roshdieh, is known for his exceptional sales tactics and magnetic personality. More than that, he is known for his genuine appreciation for all that life has bestowed upon him. Nick exudes gratitude and humility, owing his success to hard work and dedication. People close to him, however, both professionally and personally, know that he is also immensely talented.

Nick handles buyers and sellers in South Orange County, CA, as a leading realtor with Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty. Because of his long and successful career, Nick has created a network of industry insiders that provide him a front-row seat for homes in locations like Newport Coast, often known as the Pacific Riviera. With more than a decade’s worth of expertise selling homes in the $3-$35 million price range, Nick Roshdieh is able to meet the needs of a wide range of clients.

Nick incorporates a unique hybrid approach to the real estate game. Following industry best practices, Nick goes above and beyond to satisfy his discerning clients, including researching property specs and gathering data on surrounding areas, demographics, and architectural features. He is also a formidable competitor on the bargaining field and will fight for his clients to get the best value. Additionally, he is one of the most affable and charismatic people around, happy to assist clients within any price range, not just waterfront luxury customers. 

One of Nick’s best personality traits is his capacity to find the bright side of every situation, even if the light isn’t yet shining through the darkness. A career in architecture was Nick’s original passion, admiring houses and skyscrapers as a kid. Nick went the business and marketing route after high school. Adversity came his way, but he handled it the same way he’s coped with change his whole life: as one door shuts, another opens. Nick is a firm believer in the adage that you’ll never have to go to work if you do what you love. Nick has found himself the life of his dreams because of this mentality. 

Getting to meet new people and learn new things is one of the many perks of his career. For Nick, the delight of a walk-through with his clients is another constant source of inspiration as he continues to be fascinated by architecture.

Nick views life as a journey full of adventures and experiences, some of which are teachable moments, others are meant to be savored and enjoyed. This philosophy extends to Nick’s sense of balance when it comes to his career. Whenever possible, Nick loves vacationing with his family, whether on a whirlwind adventure or relaxing at home, enjoying time together. 

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